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As a UAW Ford worker, I'd like to make a few points regarding mgmt. and the Union.
1. On a previous post someone said their are fewer union members. One of the main reasons of this is automation. The plant I work at had 6700 UAW hourly workers in 1979, today we have 2600. Most of the jobs are automated. The non-skilled workers have more to do with computers and such than ever before(they are basically semi-skilled). Alot of the workers (like myself are skilled), and we work on alot of robots that did the job of 1,2, or 3 people in times past.
2. In my department 8 years ago we had 4 foreman and 1 superintendant. Today we have 1 super, and 7 foreman. We still do the same amount of work so why do we have 3 more foreman knocking down around $150k per year + health care.
3. Union workers make too much money people say. We do make good money, but the money we make is usually spent on other goods and services and that in turn keeps the economy running. I believe the average worker makes 57,000 beans per year.(Hardly a windfall but a good living). If you would look up how much it costs to produce a car, labor is a small part of the costs.
4. At my plant we have a bad problem with quality. Once again it's not the hourly person's fault. It is usually management wanting to get their quota. This happens alot were a foreman will say that doesn't matter it's not critical and then the job bounces after 15,000 parts were made wrong that now have to be recalled.
5. The union didn't waste 4 billion dollars on junk yards in Europe.
6. The union members dont get $10 million when they get fired (ala Jaq Nassar).
7. The union didn't authorize a Stock Enhancement plan that obviously hasn't enhanced a thing about their stock.
8. The company is still saving millions of dollars per year by not hiring enough people. They use overtime to get the required hours out of people. (Paying overtime is cheaper than paying another salary and benefits).
9. The Union didn't hire some bonehead to ravage the Ford Motor Credit department.
10. During the mid-late 90's when Ford was a wall street darling you didn't hear a thing bad about the UAW. Now as pretty much 1 guy (Nassar), has screwed up the company people right away start blaming the UAW.

That's just my opionion on a bad Vicodin Buzz!!
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