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as I recall, when Obama introduced the legislation just about everyone was against it. By the time he was finished it was backed by both Republicans and law enforcement.

Yes, and he got that by learning what everyone's specific problems were with the proposal, and working with them to address those concerns in the bill. What was passed was a law that worked for everyone and accomplished a worthy goal.

Not everything works out that well, but it was an impressive bit of work.

I don't have problems with people disagreeing with Sen. Obama's politics (well, I have "problems" in that I may find some of their political beliefs unworkable in practice or counterproductive for the country, but those are policy arguments, we all can hash through those details). What I do have problems with are the people (not directed at Howie, I'm thinking more of the usual suspects at certain boards) who keep repeating "I have yet to hear one person tell me if Obama's done anything", and then, after people point out examples like the above, multiple times, they continue to parrot the "Obama hasn't done anything except give a few pretty speeches" line.

Yes, he's done some things. He did some impressive stuff as a state legislator, and did some good work (in a bipartisan fashion with some pretty conservative folks with whom he could find common ground) in the US Senate as a junior Senator. No, every day wasn't some shining bevy of miracles, and there were undoubtedly times when he could have done things better, but overall he's got a pretty decent track record.

Yes, he could have more experience, but he has done some good work, moreso than the average Junior Senator by far, and he has crossed the aisle to work with others in bipartisan fashion and some accomplishments.

And the consensus among folks who've taken classes from him or worked with him on Law Review or whatnot is that he's very bright, sees mutliple sides of issues, definitely has a "liberal" viewpoint but doesn't force that down other's throats, and is a very nice person who can work well with others but still get things done.

We could do a lot worse for President. Many would argue that we usually have.

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