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Hello Teens....I know you are sitting there on the chair reading this saying how can this guy guide me in the right direction...Well When I was a Teen I totally messed up my financial situation. And I want to tell you about it so you dont mess up your life like I have. Not that it was 100% my fault but if I didnt have it..I wouldnt be in the situation I am now! Well here are my rules of advice to you.

Rule 1. Avoid all MAJOR CREDIT CARDS!! You say then how am I suppose to establish credit!! Well, when I say avoid all major credit cards I mean dont overwhelm yourself with lots of cards. Get one or two cards MAX. and only use them for SMALL amounts.. 100-200 Max.. And pay them back right away! To establish good credit. Never max out both cards and say I will pay it back later..because believe me..LATER NEVER COMES! The interest rates on the cards alone will kill your financial savings..if you have any!

Rule #2. NO SECOND LINE!! Dont put your own phone line in if you cant afford to pay for it yourself. And if you do go to work and have brothers or sisters dont get a phone put in at all. If you need one for the interenet..I suggest DSL. much faster and much better for the internet. Emails are cheaper to send than making long distance calls. And If its only local emails are still better.

RULE 3. Avoid Cell phones.. These bills can become very large and hard to pay off. Especially when you get in a big discussion with a friend or family member. So my advice to you teens are If you want to get a cell phone..Get a PREPAID ONE. You pay for all the minutes in advance and dont have to worry about a BIG BILL later! This will save you thousands of dollars a month. and With a prepaid cell phone you can call your friends as well. That takes care of the phone problem at your house as well.

RULE #4 When looking for a job. Always Dress up even if you are just turning in an application. Your appearance is the first thing they see. And you are judged the moment you walk into a place and ask for the application. How do I know this Lets just say I happen to be a supervisor at my job. Which gives me experience when taking in applications.

Rule #5 NEVER OVERSPEND. What I mean by this is never buy stuff you want. Only buy things you need. Clothes, food, and some entertainment. not too much. and you will see your savings grow. and grow. now you do need some entertainment. otherwise you will be board out of your mind.

SO Teens I hope this helps. Follow these simple rules and your savings will continue to grow and grow. And put 2 dollars aside every chance you get and watch that savings grow as well..You will be surprised how much money you saved!! Well take care teens and how you dont fall in the same boat I did. Make your life better and more successful!!



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