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I am reminded of salaryguru's horrible experience with his wife's ER visit. Sometimes you can't avoid going to the ER. In fact, more times than not I have had serious medical problems after normal doctor's hours, which are becoming shorter and shorter. Some of my doctors leave early Friday, some don't work Friday at all. My dentist works a 1/2 day on Thursday and not at all on Friday. My foot doctor only works 2 days in my area.
Avoid the Hospital in July
Why? New doctors and nurses report to work for the first time
On or around July 1, newly graduated interns, residents, nurses and other new health care workers first report to work at many of the nation's hospitals, eager to start practicing medicine — on you. No surprise then, that quality of care in hospitals plummets, and medical errors increase, during the following month.
"But they also found that compared to others, July patients had higher rates of discharge to other long-term care facilities, as well as post-operative infection and surgical stitches failing," notes David Sherer, M.D., a practicing anesthesiologist and past director of risk management for a large insurance provider, who wrote the book Dr. David Sherer's Hospital Survival Guide.
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Sometimes you can't avoid going to the ER. In fact, more times than not I have had serious medical problems after normal doctor's hours, which are becoming shorter and shorter.

Watching the wingnuts try to rationalize why SGSpouse's experience with their sacred for-profit insurance system is her fault has been interesting. None have bothered to ask what day of the week this happened. It was late Sunday night. None bothered to ask if she had tried to get hold of her regular doctor earlier. She did . . . several times. Although I mentioned that she had tried to call the insurance company, none of the wingnut for-profit health insurance apologizers apparently noticed. (I've noticed that Republicans seem to have difficulty reading in addition to having poor math skills). I guess there is good reason why so many today refer to the Republican Party as the Party of Stupid.

Of course they aren't really stupid. They are willfully ignorant, pathological liars, and psychopathically evil. We tend to simply lump those traits into the catch-all category of "stupid". It's not really very accurate, but when you mix their real traits together on any given topic, it is often difficult to distinguish ignorance, lies and evil from just plain stupid.

That really is what the Republican Party has become these days since being taken over by teapublican whack jobs. We've all noticed these various traits from time to time. I think we tend to believe that these people can't be that ignorant, don't really believe their own lies and can't be so greedy and hateful as they sound. And . . . who knows . . . maybe it is just a show. None of us can really know how dark their minds and hearts really are. But it doesn't really matter. We know what they stand for and how they will act.

Teapublicans are irrelevant to logical conversation about social issues. Nothing is gained by pretending that they are engaging in actual thoughtful debate or conversation. That's not what they do. They are telling their own story. It is a story of willful ignorance and lies. It is a story that glorifies their own greed and hate and diminishes - even derides - everyone who is different from them. It has nothing to do with actual facts or data. It has nothing to do with actual social responsibility or progress. Their story truly is irrelevant to our society and it should be irrelevant to us.

While it is true that we are better served by listening to other viewpoints than just our own, we already understand the teapublican viewpoint. They embrace ignorance and lies. They are motivated by self-greed and they hate people. I really don't require any more evaluation of that position to determine that it is . . . well . . . stupid. In fact, any additional time I spend listening to that position is simply a waste of time. Ignorance, lies, greed and hate - no thank-you. Don't bother us again until you grow up.

That's why I am going to be taking the Count's advice more often in the future and making more generous use of the "ignore" feature.
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