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3. Will the policy pay 100% of the costs of my care in a good to great LTC facility?>> Jasmada says-(absolutely , depending on what plan you select and how much you want to co-insure)(Remember, a ltc plan is something you control just like your own money so whatever you decide is what you will control) (Using your own money will at some point, depending on your care, cause you to lose control over your money - this is why I am opposed to trusts)

Almost certainly not, but it will pay the bulk.

<<4. Is there anyway that a LTC facility can seize my estate to pay for my bills (assuming a large estate)?>>

The facility is a creditor like any other. If you get that low in available assets, then Medicaid will probably kick in.
Medicaid will go after the estate if you have one at death.

<<For my calculations I will assume that I WILL need long term care in the future (I always use worst case
for my planning), and will use the information to decide if I will need LTC insurance.>>

If that's the case, and if you expect to stay there for longer than a year, then by all means get coverage. You can easily use up ten years' of premiums in a year at a nursing home.

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