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It was gorgeous here in Georgia today. High in the upper 60s maybe even 70. Inside the car was quite warm. I was wearing sandals and peddle pushers.

I went to Atlanta to get my daughter who is home from Panama for a few days (especially to iron out her problems with her visa). She said everyone on the airplane was wrapped up in blankets on the plane. She came in flip flops and peddle pushers, too. But she was cold. She said she barely uses her air conditioner at night and the lowest temperature it has been is 73. She is almost completely adapted to upper 80s to even low 90s apparently.

So funny because she used to be able to handle the cold so well. She's under an electric blanket here at my house.

BTW we are having turkey on Sunday. She fixed a turkey in Panama yesterday - her first one - and everyone loved it. One girl said she didn't like turkey but she loved Heather's. She soaked it in brine for 30 hours. She got the recipe off the internet.
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Welcome home, Heather, and happy reunion to all. Trust that a few warm hugs will help with feeling less chilly, and everyone has fun....

Big Momma
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