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I think I will hold my remaining shares. The news was good. I think it shows that management really thinks the orders will come in the second half. If this turns out to be the case and they meet full year est. (which they said they might in the release) there will be less shares and EPS will be much improved.

I think if these orders do not occur of if the share buyback is just a token jesture then I will sell on the basis of bad management.

Sparky is funny. He changes his mind more than I've ever seen. If he had as much money as he says he did tied up in BARR he lost a huge chunk o change when he sold at 7.

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I am a bit surprised of your comments regarding me. First of all, I remain with a stock like BARR until fundementals change to warrant a change. Second, when large caps started moving out a few months ago, I lightened up from 30K shares down to 10K. Of the 10K, 6000 I bought under $10. I have a hard and fast rule, when a co. disappoints me, I'm out at the open and into something else. I swapped all 10K shares at 7 3/8-7 1/2 for less shares of HBOC at 34 1/2. I bought 2000 shs of PWJ at $44, and 4000 shs of URGI at $14.
Now, does it bring pleasure to you THINKING that I might have lost a "CHUNK" O change? YOu can do the math: you'll see I got out of a loser and into winners getting back all my money and them some.
After talking with CFO, I am certain they will greatly miss Q2 and also Q3. Buying back 1 million shares was just to stop the bleeding. This one is going lower just prior to and learn.
If you want some winners, try *PWJ, *HBOC, *MSPG, *TLAB, *DH, *SDS, *KSS, and MAY. I own all these.

Good luck........Sparky
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I'm sorry Sparky.

That wasn't meant to be an attack on you.
I went back and read it and I know it seems that way. I agree with cutting your losers when fundamentals change.

No I in no way want to see you or anyone lose money. It doesn't benefit me and believe me I've had a few losers just like everyone else. I was just commenting that you had a lot of money involved here. It came out wrong.

Anyway I'm glad to see you are making some back and as I said I will give BARR a chance since it is just a tiny part of my port. You do have some excellent stocks listed. Sorry if I offended. You have been a good help to the board with your personal contact with management and I know I appreciate it.
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Almost forgot my password, been so long. well, I don't see mgmt gobbling up shares here under $8. I told everyone they wouldn't buy one share. This company sucks. I don't own a single share, but I can't help relive the past 12 mos. Good news is I made my loses back in NRVH, PWJ, and others. Glad I traded out.
I would buy back in If I had confidence that things were going to be as they say, namely, the year's EPS is still in tact. I doubt it, as I have not seen any news of new contracts.

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