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Bathroom tiling in marble... from subfloor (after removing the 50 year old linoleum!) to pre-grout. Grouting happens this evening....

Subfloor just after I got the last of the linoleum up. The water dampness is self-inflicted to help peel up some stubborn glue. In hindsight I'd have installed the backerboard over the linoleum instead of removing it. Major pain...

Backerboard cut to size, studs chalked.

Backerboard has been installed over thinset, screwed down to the subfloor, and the joints have been mortared with fiberglass tape. In addition, the old toilet seat had a new cover installed over it and leveled via some thinset. It's screwed into the subfloor for strength.

The backerboard has been painted with a waterproofing rubber paint, basically. It keeps any spills (overflowing tub, backed up toilet) from getting through the tile/grout into the subfloor. Strictly voluntary... not required... but I didn't want to ever rip up the tile to get back at the subfloor. Probably overkill :)

Fitting tile around a curved tub is a major hassle. It got a whole lot easier after I discovered that a Dremel tool with a silica oxide grinding bit will cut through marble like butter though. Forget the wet saw and straight cuts... Alluminum oxide bits work too, but seem rougher on the tile (though much more durable.)

The two toughest rows... done. Ahhh. Now we're basically just dealing with minor wall deviation adjustments. Time to call it a night. :) (no, I didn't do all of this in one day!)

Next day I finish up the tile layout...

Still to come.. .grouting. I just bought some. Hopefully the grouting comes out as well as the tiling did. Almost done!!

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Nice job!

I like the rubber waterproofing paint on the floor. You're right, it's probably overkill, but better safe than sorry. I'll be doing that on our bathroom floor when I get to it sometime after the kitchen is done.

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Congrats, it looks fabulous!

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Follow up...

Spreading the grout...

Cleaned up grout... just waiting to dry. Note... probably SHOULD have done this in sections instead of the whole floor at once! That way I could sit on the floor and grout/clean an area without having to worry about the mess, etc. Instead I used a pair of shelves to get me back to the corners. :)

Grout all cleaned, toilet back in place just in time before the folks show up, The grout dries to a color that is very similar to the tile color... still keeping it wet to cure.

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