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Because of certain pre-existing conditions, neither my husband nor I would have been able to buy health insurance of any kind at any price

In principle, that statement is as stupid as saying "I couldn't buy car insurance because the bumper was already dented."

It's just one piece of evidence of how much our medical care & insurance system is ALREADY messed up by government intervention.

For those pre-existing conditions, why isn't the insurer that covered you when you developed them responsible? That's the way it would work with car, homeowner's, or liability insurance.

Now for a question: How many of you would favor national health care coverage similar to Canada's? Five years ago, I would have run screaming in the opposite direction, but today? I'm not so sure I would.

Canada's 100%-socialized medical system works as well as it does (which isn't all that well) because it has the US's only-about-65%-socialized medical system right next door.

A very cost-effective way for many US retirees to get routine medical care, though, is to take advantage of a loophole that lets you escape even that 65% socialization: go across the border into Mexico. Since you're outside the US, the US's efforts at socialized medicine don't apply; since you are rich foreign tourists (by Mexican standards, practically all American retirees are rich), Mexico's efforts at socialized medicine don't apply. Mexico is also one of those countries where drug prices are about where they would be if there weren't so many countries (all with socialized medical systems) saying to the drug manufacturers "Sell to us at barely above your cost of production, or don't sell to us at all" - in other words refusing to pay their fair share of development & testing costs, pushing those costs almost entirely onto the US.
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