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Beginning Investors Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Beginning Investors Message Board! This board is a place to ask questions and share ideas with newer investors, but more experienced investors are very welcome. Feel free to post questions, share your successes and your mistakes, and offer advice and experiences.

The Basics:

The Motley Fool Mission Statement - Learning Together:

The Message Board Posting Guidelines:

Message Board Help:
If you have questions about how to use the message boards, click the 'Help' link.
If, after checking the help area, you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, please drop The Fools a note at

Investing Basics:

Investing Basics offers a general overview of almost all financial vehicles. It's a bit broader than 13 Steps:

Fool's School:

One of the first places you might want to look is Fool's School, the 13 steps are really helpful:

The Motley Fool Main FAQ Link:

More FAQs than you can stand:

More Foolish Articles:

Here are just a few general articles you might find interesting and helpful that aren't in Fool's School:

The ABCs of IPOs:

Advice on a Down Day:

Just Say No! to Lotteries:

Wall Street Credentials:

Mr. Gardner Goes to Washington:

Investment Strategy Portfolios:

Here's where to get info on the various teaching Portfolios here at TMF:

Ask a Foolish Question:

Another good place to get a solid answer would be at Ask a Foolish Question where the official Fools are waiting (breathlessly) to answer questions. ;-) Here's where to find AFQ:

Credit Cards:

Dig Yourself Out of Debt

The Credit Card message board is a great place for support while getting out of debt:


For definitions of investor words, you might like to try:

Also check:

and the Terms, Definitions, Jargon message board here at TMF:

and the TMF Glossary List:

Discount Brokers:

For more information on Discount Brokers you might want to look here:

You can find the Discount Brokers Board here:

Dow Dividend Approaches:

For basic information on Dow Dividend Approaches

You might want to ask at the Foolish Four Message Board:


Here's basic information on Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRiPs):

also you might like checking out the message boards:

Drip Investing - The Basics:

Drip Investing - Companies:

and the FAQ on Direct Investing and the Drip Portfolio:

Index Funds:

Here's some info on Index Funds too:

and the Index Fund message board:

Investment Clubs:

For info on Investment clubs try:

You can also talk about investment clubs at the Investment Clubs message board:

Registering an investment club is as easy as pie! Just go here and you'll find all the information:

Here's a link to the National Association of Investment Clubs' website:

Historical Stock Quotes:

For historical stock quotes try:

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs):

The Motley Fool isn't wild about IPOs. Here are a few articles written by the Fool explaining their thoughts on the topic:

Investing for Your Kids:

Here's some great info to get you started:


You also might be interested in our IRA area.

Mutual Funds:
Here's the scoop on Mutual Funds:

For more info on Mutual Funds you could ask at the message board:

Penny Stocks:

It's very Foolish to be leery of penny stocks! If you'd like to read more that the Motley Fool has to say on the subject try:

Retirement Investing:

Retirement Planning

Is Your 401(k) Foolish?

For the Retirement Investing board:

Specific Stocks:

If you have a question about a specific company, you might want to check and see if there's a company message board. All you need to do is enter the ticker symbol (ticker) or company name (board) in the search area at the bottom of the page.

If a folder doesn't exist for your company, you can ask for one to be opened (as long as it fits the Motley Fool's requirements) Here's where:

You might also want to check in the Industry and Market Analysis Folder, and see if there is a board there for your industry:

Stock Split Info:

Here's some information on stock splits:

Split Calendar:

Here's where to find the Splits Message Board:

Tax Strategies:

Here's a great Tax Q&A :

You can get most tax questions answered at the Tax Strategies Board:

The IRS actually has a pretty useful Web site, which includes a Tax FAQ:

Valuing Stocks:

Here's where to find all sorts of great articles on valuing stocks:

Return on invested capital (ROIC):

Return on equity (ROE):

Valuation: Principles & Practice

Understanding Balance Sheets:

Security Analysis:

Fool Ratio (PEG) & (YPEG)

Online PEGulator:

Web Resources Page:

Here's a mind boggling list of resources:

Women and Investing:

Another great board for women (and those who love them) is Women and Investing. It's a place Fools can ask questions, and discuss issues that include investing, the affects of divorce and widowhood, and just share a few jokes too. Here's where to find Women and Investing:

You Have More Than You Think:

One Fool book that is great for beginners is "You Have More Than You Think" by David and Tom Gardner. It does a great job of covering the basics for someone just starting out. Here's where you can read a little more about the book at Fool Mart:

Hope this helps!
Always ;-)

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