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Well, it took me some funky work-arounds to figure out how to do this, BUT I finally have a publically viewable version of The Chart, from the original Excel!


Just in case anyone wondered if it was *really* possible to get moving again after a long stall...well, it is.

In a nutshell, the story goes like this:

First big drop: First experience with low carb, basically straight Protein Power/Atkins carb counting. Minimal if any exercise. You can see by how steep the trend line is how rapid my loss was.

Slow period of regain: Denial phase, AKA "Gee, I bet this gigantic burrito is pretty low in carbs since there's no beans or rice." Note: gigantic burritos are (a) still wrapped in gigantic tortillas and (b) high in carbs AND calories and (c) it doesn't improve the picture when you eat the tortilla chips, too. Various stresses going on in my life contributed to my getting sloppy with my eating and regaining a percentage of my lost weight.

Second drop: Getting painfully back on the wagon, counting carbs and exercising more. Lost back to former low point, but not as quickly (note the trend line is not as steep.) And it was definitely more work this time.

Then...the LONG STALL. Actually represents a period of time during which I did not weigh myself at all. So there may have been fluctuations during that time, but I doubt they were terribly significant, since my clothing size didn't change that I noticed. I was eating what I guess would be a maintenance horrific cheating, but not really super-strict either...and doing some exercise, not to mention a fair amount of walking/hiking.

Then, the third drop: This is when I really made a lot of new changes. Keeping calories as well as carbs low. (I would estimate most days my calorie intake is 1500-1800 calories.) Sticking really strictly to whole natural foods, no low-carb or other junk food, minimal or no cheese, lots of vegetables. Five small meals a day. And LOTS more exercise. In the summer of 04 I believe there were times when I was doing an hour of cardio *every day.* You can see that the trend line at this time period is just about as steep as the original trend line from my first foray into low-carbing.

Yes, it was more work this time around. And, in contrast to my first "golden shot" experience with low-carbing, I did have times when I felt hunger pangs (though not really the low blood sugar kind that make you crazy.) But in a way, all this work was even more rewarding. Because not only did I start losing weight pretty rapidly once again, but the improvement in my health and well-being was tremendous. I am not exactly "buff" just yet, as one poster here was kind enough to call me (hee), but I am *definitely* fit, and I can feel the difference this makes in absolutely every moment of my day.

Slight levelling off in rate of loss over this past fall and winter, when I had less time for exercise and was probably becoming adjusted to my levels of food intake, which were staying pretty constant. Over winter break, I was doing a fair amount of cheating, but not beer-and-pizza type cheating - more like, really good gourmet food cheating (I was staying with my sister and bro-in-law) accompanied by lots and lots of walking. Didn't actually gain during that time period, and still had lots of meals that were perfectly low-carb.

Then, starting Jan 05, looks like things drop rapidly again, down to goal weight at the present day. Not sure what I was doing right, this time. I haven't been as avid with my exercise program but I still do *something* most days. Usually, now, it's three days a week where I do an hour of intense cardio, some kind of strength training two days a week, and at least one day where I do a lot of walking. Food also didn't change much except maybe I got even a little stricter about portion size/calories, taking into account the fact that I'd already lost so much weight that my baseline needs should be less.

Finally...if you saw me on Jeopardy and want to know where I was then, the dates of the intial tapings were in February 2004 (weight about 190), and the Tournament of Champions was taped at the very end of April 2004 (though not aired till Sept 04.) I think I was down about 10 lbs between the 2 tapings, putting me around 181 for the ToC taping.

Well, I should have guessed when I started this post that the "nutshell" would be a pretty big one no matter how brief I tried to be. Ha. Anyway, the above narrative is presented in the hopes that others might find it of use in their own journey.

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