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There is a missing link in Belkin's article.
Larry spoke to it in the impending growth, the "juggernaut" of China at work.
But it is more than that...

Western thinking is different from Eastern thinking. (In this case particularly, read Chinese thinking, please)

Western thinking is linear: cases, direct fociis. Eastern thinking is holistic: indirect, seeing Big Picture-which includes all forms of art and creativity, not only politics and interaction between governments, but includes all this as part of "seeing the essence of true vitality". Chinese (and Japanese) writing is Art, in truth.
China has known great privation for centuries; China is now huge demographically and geographically. China also thinks in terms of "long futures", not cyclical niches. China wants to be RICH, itself. (for itself and all its peoples, not as in former dynasties for only the elite.)

China will not stop for Michael Belkin; his is Western thinking. China has only tapped a little of the world's wealth and its own. The infrastructure needs alone of China - even progressing fast as it is - will take much time and will result in even faster growth. China's mineral and metal resources are surface now,(and imported for expediency) but vast resources exist to be mined (read Gold, oil, natural gas). Western China is a natural for wind power energy and all energies will continue to be critical regardless of SARS, earthquakes,or the ups and downs of other global markets.

China is as yet, metaphorically, like a small snowmass evolving into an avalanche. IMHO our (Western) job is to wake up and learn to incorporate Eastern (Chinese) thinking into our thought processes. Only then will we be able to see (and choose) correctly regarding the companies that will provide the Chinese peoples with the joyful lives that they want, over time.

These statements are from the combined representations of Chinese Senior Scholars, recently from China, now researching/lecturing in the eastern US. Xiaoliang Xin, Shen Rui, Yan Sun and others, including archiologists, architects, writers, and business marketing and designers, in the US on actual commissions.

Just wanted to share the intellectual happenings with the board....


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Cress, what a GREAT and helpful post.
(I wish I'd have written it.)

So, you China Fools, if you just glanced over it, or zipped right by it because you didn't see $$ in it, go back and reread it. Then print it out so you can read it again.

What Cress talks about will mean more to the success of our portfolios than endless discussions about P/E ratios and falling use of SMS.

It's post #1234.

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xiexie---great thoughts--
couple things---we naturally are concerned about the political environment in china because that is where we put money---the same would be true of any country or market, including the united states--

one of the factors among many that give me confidence is that long- term thinking is part of chinese culture---including respect for family ancestors and future generations--and not just among leaders but throughout society---there is a safety factor that they all do not want everything today which will help their leaders make the transition with less upheaval---there is patience among most though i assume not unlimited--

one thing that has not been mentioned often is the infrastructure needs for the olympics--tourism continues to increase and many people that come for the olympics will visit other cities and then return home and tell their friends to go, in addition to the television coverage--the building must be done now---and you cannot imagine the anticipation that existed in 1996 when there was hope for the 2000 olympics--i saw it everywhere-and no anger when they did not win but just return to work on the WTO and trying for a future olympic--
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