No. of Recommendations: 1
And by best, I mean most shameless:
“Look, Romney was always going to have a good night on style points,” conceded Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, who still judged his boss to be the winner. “I’ve been telling you guys that for a very long time, but look, we won this debate tonight because we talked directly to the American people about plans. Romney couldn’t do it. He stayed on defense the entire time. He couldn’t lay out a tax plan that made any sense. You know he spent a bunch of time trying to defend his Medicare positions in states like Ohio and Florida; that’s gonna be a real problem for him.”

This HAD to have sounded lame and stupid to Messina as he was saying this. So the soulless robot who fires people and offshore jobs was always going to out-style the coolest, hippest President ever? LOLOLOLOLOL. Give the man points for trying, though.
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