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The Boring Portfolio announced it was selling Cisco. This seems off topic but the points for the decision to sell makes some great investing analogies. For instance, a business owner typically has most of their capital tied into their business and they know every nook and cranny of it -- yet many will put a sizable amount of money into a stock on a mere "hot tip." This is crazy as the column points out.

As an entrepreneur it is simply best to have a passion for what you build -- first and foremost. It is the only way to start as a future business owner.

Anyways, this is the first post on this board by a membber so its great to have the honors. Hope the self-employed and future entrepreneurs like myself visit here to share learning experiences and etc.

Gonzo on,

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Hi Hank,

Stumbled across this board and thought I'd contribute. I failed as an entrepreneur but I never lost the dream, and currently I am invested in another entrepreneurial enterprise as a shareholder. ( There are altogether too many big words in the world of finance ).

In recent months I have been reading a lot about the lives of successful entrepreneurs, currently ' The Brothers ' by Lesley Downer, about the Tsutsumi family.
It's a great story. I think any budding business developer should study the lives of others. There is information in those stories that we can not gain from any other source.

Back later,

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