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I've got a couple of thoughts on this and related topics and felt like unleashing them on the community. I think it is evitable that the folks that want to take advantage of the weak points in the system will eventually end up on top. This has happened in every game I've ever encountered. I remember the infinite city sleeze strategy in Civ 2. Downwithpumpers is the most egregious example, but Bent, Eldrehad, and others have also taken advantage. There are probably others, but these are the players I totally ignore in terms of finding useful information in CAPS. Some of them are scamming the delayed quote system and others found the repeated short and re-up concept early.

CAPS is a multi-faceted resource. You can find amazing group think going on among like-minded individual investors. If you desire to be in the top rung, you will need to develop a gaming strategy – that is clear to me at this point. It is kind of a shame, but I've come to grips with that. Those that have joined recently, I just want to warn you that the inevitable downturns that happen in the market will scramble your brain. I have become enamored of the various philosophies and ideas I find when I peruse individuals pitches and investing bents. I love this game and if a few people want to win so badly that they pressure the weak points, so be it. They are easy to ignore. It is like any other game, learn the parts that benefit you and ignore the others.

The scale down to 100 picks concept will keep things from getting out of hand, but there are other features to sort on and I find most of my best ideas from folks that aren't in the top 10 scorers. There is a lot of knowledge among this group of people. You just have to look for it. Allowing the gamesters to affect the stock ratings disproportionately is a problem, but I'm very leery of those star ratings anyway. I think the database being compiled here has real value and when the community figures out how to sort it in an intelligent manner, we may have an amazing resource.

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Since you sound like a PC gamer (you mentioned Civ 2 and the ICS "strategy"), it's very much like any of the Elder Scrolls games: from Arena, to Morrowind, to Oblivion (though maybe not so much with that last one) - the developers created this HUGE..."experience".

You, as an individual participant, can use the experience however you want - some "gamers" (in the negative sense) automatically picked up on how easy it was to "cheat" in these games, so they did simply because they could. They became uber powerful, very quickly, and there was no challenge, so they stopped playing, and would generally make comments after the fact that the game was too easy.

But for those who played the game in the SPIRIT that it was open world, where you can do almost anything...they had one of the most amazing role-playing experiences ever on a PC. And it was DAMNED hard (again, I can't speak for Oblivion, only the previous titles).

Point is the quality of the experience was completely up to the user.

Now, I have to say I have NO desire, nor have I looked (nor do I have the DESIRE to even look), to find out if the people you have mentioned are "gaming" CAPS or not.

But imo, you get what you want from CAPS. I guess some people have a desire to always "win" at whatever they do (and I think some people just can't help themselves), and everything is a competition - which is fine by me...we need some people like that in the world imo (they drive me nuts, but hey...that's my opinion only! :))

OTOH, TMF has provided us with this huge tool...a living thing...that in the same sense as my game analogy as "valuable" as how you interact with it.

I say let the "gamers" play...the knowledge seekers seek, the top player cloners "clone", and the watch listers "watch" - CAPS can be used in so many different ways, that you can pretty much ignore the many ways it can be "played" that don't jive with your perspective (unless those ways destroy the game of course! ;)

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> Downwithpumpers is the most egregious example, but Bent, Eldrehad, and others have also taken advantage.

> I find most of my best ideas from folks that aren't in the top 10 scorers.

I agree with you down with DownWithPumpers up with FolksThatAren'tInTheTop10Scorers. I expect there will many new millionaires following your advice. From now on, focus on folks.


p.s. Bent, thanks for the great call on the #1 downward mover today!
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