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I got BGLS almost as it went public. they make great bagels. every time they came out with bad news, the stock seemed to take a nose dive a day or two before. is this typical? should that be a sign to get out?
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I still own this stock too! I made several mistakes with this stock and learned much needed lessons.
I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.
Through buying-holding-selling one can learn great lessons that can not be easily taught.
Also, I do read books about different approaches to the stock market. One book that I did like alot was "Using Technical Analysis" by Clifford Pistolese.
Good luck; and continue posting your opinion for the future of this company. Especially, if you like eating their bagels!
Sam Jirsa
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Yep, deffinatly learned alot with this stock.
I read a couple of books on tech analysis but,
when i try to trade it, i always get into losing trades early and give up.
my favorite investing book is still One up on wall Street by Peter Lynch. I am reading the Fools first book now, it seems pretty good so far.
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