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When the BI picks and discussions stopped I was truly disappointed. I have personally enjoyed the posts and financially benefited from the results this approach produced. As a result, I set out to recreate the essence of the results and will be attempting to post results from time to time, probably on a monthly basis.

However, unlike past posts that produced picks based on the MidCap400, I will be posting results more akin to the original TTD recipe and showing results for the Dow30. While the Dow does not have nearly as many choices as the MidCap400, the smaller list of Dow30 stocks has proven to yield an adequate set of results as an annual hold.

Please look for the 2012 picks to follow shortly. Meanwhile, would love to hear from some old time BI’ers if there are any still around.
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I was using the BI system successfully for several years and hated to see it end. I would appreciate it if we could resurrect it again.

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