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OK... right off the bat, this is pretty cool. I don't know if any of you are watching updates on this sport, but it's pretty intense. Up until now I had never known much about the biathalon.

Descriptions of the events:

A little background on the sport (and it's place in the US)
(Thought the bit about it starting as a competition between border guards was a hoot)

I would love to see more of this sport, and find it very interesting. Too bad we're not doing as well in it this year. Or really ever, for that matter.

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Haven't been following it terribly closely - I usually tune in in the evenings and deal with whatever pabulum NBC is serving up.

Biatholon's like luge - it has big followings in certain European countries, but not here.

Drives me nuts that we never hear about biatholon, curling, whatever, until it's Olympics time.

I remember being a little kid and being glued to Wide World of Sports every week. They'd have 2-3 events from around the world - World cup skiing races, major national gymnastic meets, even some biathlon. Any given Saturday, you'd get a real education in what turned other parts of the world on, sporting-wise.



*just supplied the board's first slightly OT rant
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