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Polk, Liberty, and San Jacinto are just starting to report of damage that is being described, "ten times worse than Rita."

These areas were devastated in 2005 with 117 MPH gusts, and the Lake Livingston Dam was ravaged, losing almost 60% of its rock facing and suffering major damage. The dam was given a "good enough" repair because of a lack of funds.

These regions are largely rural, major timber and paper product areas. Livingston in Polk County is basically shutdown, no power, roads inpassable, even Wal-Mart is closed as of this writing. No power in Liberty County as all and sketchy reports in San Jacinto county.

Although things are not the catastrophe that was expected, and that is largely due the twenty mile shift to the east Ike made as it made landfall. Had Ike cross Galveston on its west end, then it would have been the "worst case" discussed. In 2005 these areas got help in part because this was the core of the damage, I fear that the people in this area are going to be left in the emergency response dust so to speak, with the focus rightly so on the coast.

On the subject of rescue efforts, the Federal Government and FEMA is absolutely gobsmacked on how many people stayed behind and the scale of effort to get them out. Given the issues of no power, no water, no shelter that potentially thousands of hold outs may be in, they have abour 48 to 72 hours to find them all before it goes into major crisis mode. A big difference between New Orleans, the search area is literally stretched out 400 miles of coastline!
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