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The crowd was dead silent in a packed conference room as it heard about oil and gas drilling companies that were switching away from diesel power and seeing big savings.

Drilling rigs and high-powered oil field equipment consume thousands of dollars worth of diesel fuel each day, costs that could be slashed by switching to natural gas, speakers said.

One drilling rig running on diesel, for example, consumes about $4,653 worth of fuel a day, said Brian Murphy, an engineering manager for Ensign Energy Services. But a drilling rig that was able to use gas processed and fueled directly from the well site would spend only $1,322 a day on fuel, he said.

The technology is new and is developing ... annual fuel savings of $1.25 million per rig ...

Its about time the drillers started using gas instead of diesel. This might lower diesel prices at the local gas stations in the future.

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