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What a sad tale of woe. You have my respect for sharing your story with the board and sympathy for the pain you have had to endure.

I hope to keep this brief but I, also, would like to share my experiences with doctors.

About a year ago, maybe a little more, I was experiencing a tremendous headache on the left side of my head. The DW wife called the family doc but was told he was too busy (it was near 5pm) and had a waiting room full of patients and recommended I go to the emergency room at the hospital for faster service. OK, I can understand that with due consideration to the fact that he doesn't have all the necessary diagnostic tools (MRI, X-ray, etc., etc) that might be required to find out what is wrong. This was on a Thursday, BTW.

We zipped to the hospital (1/2 mile away). The ER was empty and we were taken to an examining room and SAT THERE FOR AN HOUR! Finally the doc comes into the room. He checks blood pressure, listens to my heart and whatever else and pronounces he wants to admit me to the hospital.

Me: "Why doctor?"

Doc: "So we can do some tests."

Me: "Why can't we do the tests now?"

Doc: "All the technicians are busy."

Me: "So when will I get my tests done?"

Doc: "Tomorrow, but we will manage the pain." (Does anybody see the word DRUGS hidden with his statement, besides me?)

Me: "Bye, Doc. I'm going home."


Me: "Watch me."

We went home. I popped a couple of (maybe it was 3?) Tylenol's and washed them down with a couple of cans of that, "great tasting/less filling" stuff you see advertised on TV. Slept like a baby!

Got up the next morning (2-3am) and brewed some coffee. Head was hurting again. Shaved, showered and started drinking some Kool-Aid (YES, the real kind!). Started regurgitating; even plain water.

We went back to the ER. We were whisked into an examining room. First thing the doc did after preliminarily examining me was hook me up to MORPHINE. She asked if the pain went away. "No, doctor." More MORPHINE. I got sicker than a junk yard dog; regurgitating like crazy. They ran a bunch of tests; I guess the technicians weren't so busy now. All of the tests came back negative except for the eye tests that checked for glaucoma. Something was very wrong here.

Me: "OK, doc, now what?"

Doc: "We're going to admit you to the hospital and manage your pain."

Me: "Huh? Where's an eye doctor?" (This is Friday about 11am)

Doc: "Well one of them is on vacation and the other is 'out of town'."

Me: "Why do I have to stay in the hospital?"

Doc: "So we can manage your pain with more morphine because you don't want to keep coming back every time you hurt, until a doctor becomes available."

Me: "Doctor, I don't like your plan A. This is Los Angles. FIND ME A DOCTOR WHO CAN SEE ME NOW! I am not about to sit in one of your beds until a doctor becomes available, getting pumped up with drugs, PERIOD! Find a plan B, otherwise I'm walkin' outta here."

Amazingly she found and eye doctor who could see me! We drove over to see him; a short distance. His office was crowded but my wait was minimal. He did a preliminary exam of both eyes and then gave me a series of different eye drops and told me to relax. He came back to see me about 15 minutes later and asked how I felt.

Me: "Doctor, my headache is gone!"

The final diagnoses was that I had severe closed angle glaucoma. I had laser surgery (twice) on both eyes. I feel great and I love my eye doctor! The guy knows what he is doing, not like those doc's who are stuck in the ER earning their credentials. I'd buy my eye doctor a Porsche (if I could afford it) because the purple one he drives now doesn't seem to "fit" this Cajun born Louisianian. Maybe I'll get him a gift certificate to Earl Schibe!

I've tried to mix some real life experience with this missive of mine with some comedic levity.

The right drug at the right time for a specific problem can do wonders!

I hope someone can benefit from Bill's and my experiences.

Best regards,
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