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I'm a longtime oral bc user (currently on Yasmin) and I want to change.
I really want something non-hormonal for several reasons. I am finding it harder and harder to stay slim (I know part of this is metabolic changes as you age--I am 27) and I think it is due in part to the hormones. I'm also having trouble becoming sexually aroused (yes, I know this can also be due to aging and monogamy). I also would like to prevent the long-term negative health effects associated with extended oral bc use.
I don't think a diaphragm or cervical cap is effective enough and they also sound cumbersome and annoying to use. If I'm going to use a barrier method we might as well go back to using condoms, but then there is the issue of effectiveness. I am currently leaning towards an IUD. This sounds a little scary to me but I am willing to try it. Has anyone here used this device and what did you think of it? I have heard that it's a bit painful when they insert and remove it, but what about while it's in place? I don't have especially painful PMS or periods, but I had ovarian cysts when I was a teenager (they have not recurred). So I think I'm a good candidate for an IUD.
Has anyone here become pregnant using a cervical cap or diaphragm?
I will get my next well-woman exam in May, so I want to be prepared to discuss this with my MD.

Thanks for any advice,
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FWIW - a friend of mine who was initially scared about an IUD, based on OLD, scary information, but did some research, got one and ended up LOVING it.

She got the 10 year version when she was 20 and had it removed at 26 to start her family.

According to her:
Removal hurts more than insertion.
Insertion is more "bad crampy - feeling" than pain

peace & BC
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I had the cervical cap for about 5 years and it was awesome. Unlike the diaphragm, you can leave the cap in for 48 hours and you don't need to add more goo per screw. My biggest problem was getting it out when I first learned to use it. It doesn't work for every cervix (mine is small and well-shaped ... "cute" is how the NP described it) but if you have the right shape, that little monster gets suctioned on tight.

When I was ovulating (something I could detect in my pre-perimenopausal days) I'd add a condom to the equation for those 2-3 days* but that's only 2-3 days. Not bad.

Bonus about cervical cap: if you're at the beginning or end of your period and just bleeding lightly, you can still have sex without any mess.

*or stick to procedures which did not involve penetration
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Thanks for the vote of confidence in the cervical cap. I will ask my doctor whether she thinks that would work for my physiology. I use "the Keeper" menstrual cup so I'm not adverse to sticking rubber things up there on occasion, LOL! It certainly sounds less intrusive and distracting than the diaphragm. And I wouldn't mind using condoms in combo when I thought it was necessary.
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more goo per screw

Does this mean you have to use it with spermicide? That stuff does not agree with me...
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You squirt some spermicide into the cervical cap before inserting. However, I believe this causes less irritation than putting surplus spermicide into the vagina with the diaphragm, since with the cap it only touches the cervix.
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