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looks like BKS is going to buy up enough outstanding shares to take it private.

Some speculation that the offer may have to be raised likely has bumped it up to about $2.75.

Bottom line, at this level, I have made money. I keep hearing the old adage "sell the news" running through my head. Is there more upside? Sure, there could be. Is it more limited than before this announcement? I think so. So, I am bailing.

It has been fun. Sad that the board dried up. But there were some good conversations. Hope that everyone else has done well with their trades, and best of luck on the future trades.

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I have made a recent purchase of BNBN for my meager starter portfolio at $2.44 a share plus fees. Now I read the new of them going private. I am new to the stock market and wonder how this affects me? Is there a place that I may go to read about it? Will I loose my shares?

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Unless you take the current market price, it
looks like you might have to sell out for BKS' offer
of $2.50/share. That is IF the offer is approved
by's "impartial" committee.

Try the Yahoo BNBN board.
There's a lot of trash talk,
but a lot more info than what's here.
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Yep, I made some money on this one too.
It was fun while it lasted, sort of like
The Motley Fool. This site really sucks.
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Well, I'm going to really miss BNBN.

It was fun, owning a bookstore.

It was never as much as 5% of my total portfolio, but I easily got as much entertainment out of BNBN as I did all of the rest... and I'm still holding Baby Berks!

Little Jimmy, thrown off of here a few years back, has been trying to convince everyone on the Yahoo!Finance BNBN board that he's been raking in the money all this time. I have no idea what'll become of him, but I suspect he'll continue to believe in his invincibility and one day gamble a substantial pile on something that turns south on him and he'll end up having to work until he's ninety.

If there's a just and loving God, that's what'll happen, anyway.

Anyway, I left TMF because of the subscription and the way they handled the whole BNBN-thing. I still don't 'get' how moving the conversation from the left hand ( ) to the right hand ( ) makes anything more efficient, saves resources or whatever, and I noted with no small degree of joy that in the last year TMF was quoted on Yahoo!Finance's headlines--the stories both closed with "discuss BNBN on the board!" With BNBN closing out soon and going on as a part of BKS (which is what brought me here, years ago), I'm back, I guess.
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Hey Markus!
Long time.
Welcome back.
Now where's Doc?
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