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Perhaps a bit of discussion is in order on some of these.

You could just about do a text book on these kinds of terms.

Do you want long text entries.

Do you want lots of cross references.

How do we manage this.

And note that the Bond & Fixed Income board has an excellent FAQ that is almost a full text book (with mucho contributors).

(I was founder of the Bond board)
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My position is that the Motleypedia should be a resource guide with simple, snappily written definitions. If someone is going to an entry like that, they are usually looking for references and a brief description.

Let the references do the heavy lifting and the text do the overview and entertainment.

So, in other words, I think I agree with you.

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Hi pauleckler -- I'd say make sure you answer the most common question "what is a bond/what is a corporate bond?" in the quick definition.

This is why we encourage that section. Most readers will get their answer and go on about their lives. They won't have to dig through lots of content to find it. This allows us to write as much as we want.

We're looking for whatever you think would be useful to a reader grouped into appropriate subheaders. Types of bonds, taxation on bonds, etc. Some of these will be lists, others will be longer chunks of text.

Wikis are additive in nature. Create the structure of great and useful bond article and the community will fill it out over time.

And by the way, if there's a textbook of material about bonds on the boards, feel free to copy it over into Flossary. No reason to recreate excellence.

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