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I couldn't hold off, so I should have pre-ordered and gotten a few bonuses - ah well. Also, I'm playing on the PC this time (vs. the PS3 where I played B1) so I didn't even get the loyalty bonus. :(

Anyway, this is good stuff! The game play is basically the same as B1, but of course with all new gizmos (weapons, shields, class mods, etc.) and, probably most significantly, new character classes.

One of the things I like the best about the new classes, is that they didn't make them weapon specific. In B1 you could use any weapon with any class, but there was a strong bias toward certain types - assault rifles / shotguns for the Soldier class, SMGs for the Siren, etc. because their respective skill trees contained upgrades for them. So, you were handicapping yourself in a way by not using the preferred weapon type. In B2 they've removed this for the most part so you can now be perfectly happy using whatever weapon strikes your fancy at the moment.

Another thing they did to take the focus off weapon specialization was to re-vamp the challenge system. In B1 the more you used a specific type of weapon, the more boosts you got, so it again behooved you to keep using that weapon type. In B2 you now accumulate "Badass Points" for doing specific things - which you then choose how to spend on a variety of things - ex: elemental effect chance, gun damage, accuracy, reload speed, etc.

I played all four classes in B1 but, by far, I had the most fun playing the Siren - not to mention it being (in my, and a lot of other's opinions) the most powerful of the four classes. So, I decided to play one again for my first, of what I'd anticipate will be several, B2 games.

The biggest change for the Siren is the action skill (Phase Lock), which now has a somewhat more offensive flavor to it than in B1. At this point, it doesn't seem quite as over-powered as Lilith's Phase Walk ability ... but I think when fully spec'ed that may change. Some of the upgrades seem insane if they work at all like the description indicates.

I have some pretty good weapons so far for my level and found an orange grenade mod right off the bat. Elemental guns are still important for a Siren build ... I have lots of fire stuff & exploding stuff so far, and finally started seeing some shock. I've found a couple of class mods for boosting corrosive damage but haven't seen any corrosive weapons so far ... which I really could have used against all the armored enemies I just got done blowing a couple of thousand rounds of ammo on. :)

Anyway, highly, highly recommended!
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I have no doubt I will be picking this up. I may even pay close to retail for it. But I won't be picking it up till I've worked my way through a few more games and have a co-op group ready to go. The game was okay but SO MUCH BETTER with friends.

I'll be looking for that experience again.

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I have a 4-player, all classes, BL2 game started, and yes, it's still more fun in co-op.

The Drake
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I am considering this one, would definitely think about it for coop play. But, of course, you have seen my skill in FPS games :)
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