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Branmin wrote on Rat's Broadband Board:

Was very interested in hearing you discuss Jim Suttie and his book and teachings, as if you recall, I mentioned that I had some instruction which I reccommended Zordac should also try to find a good teacher. Well, Jim Suttie was my teacher, after having been to numerous others who put me totally wrong and also spending a small fortune on useless gadgets and gimmicks and generally driving myself mad with frustration. His book is outstanding. I always took the club back far to high and after being video'd by him on 3 angles and seeing instant photos of myself, it was pointed out to me that I am a Leverage player with Width tendencies, very similar to David Frost, in height and stature. By coming around my body and using a full shoulder turn, I improved instantly. Very fortunate that from October to May, Jim Suttie, who was named PGA teacher of the year in 2000 happens to teach just up the road from me, for the season and although very expensive per hour, I just wish I had met him when I first started, as so many told me things that on reflection were absolutely incorrect for my body style.

As I said, you are fortunate to have been able to work with Jim Suttie. I am amazed at how many teachers try to fit the same swing on to every body type, but Suttie, Tomasi and Adams have gone a long way to filter out the myth that the swing is the same for all. I was on the opposite side of the equation as you. I'm a pure arc swinger and any contact I had with a teacher was an effort to get me to swing with a leverage swing. That's good for blocks and slices with my body type, but not much else. Now that I am aware of the "L", the "A", the "W" and the mixes, I can filter out what doesn't fit my type. I can also observe other tall, thin golfers to see how they are swinging the club and what their ball flight is as a result of their swing. I miss having the opportunity to watch Payne Stewart's beautiful arc swing, but Michelson, Woods, Montgomery, Love and others are still around to watch. You've got David Frost and others to watch that match your body type and swing style.

My biggest problem though which I still have difficulty in correcting is on the backswing, not keeping most of the weight firmly on my right foot, therefore keeping it planted to the ground, it tends to go towards the outside, away from the target, so creating a type of reverse pivot and you know what difficulties occurr from that. Any suggestions? Will now go and check the Dreamswing.........

I believe the "L" swing calls for slight right foot flare, but I don't know about the "W" swing in terms of the right foot. Since you are mix, I assume there is a solution to getting your right side set up to accept the weight transfer and resist turning outside of your pivot. Maybe less (or more) flare with a good braced/bent right knee? Make sure you are not set too much in front of the ball with the majority of your weight on the left side before you start the swing. My idea of a reverse pivot is that the weight does not transfer outside the right foot, but in direct opposite as too much weight is set on the left foot to begin with and as one turns to the right, the right leg stiffens and pushes most of the remaining weight back at the left side which sets up for the reverse pivot on the through swing. Since the "L" swing is such a rotational move back and through, I assume you could set yourself up in front of a mirror with your arms crossed on your chest and simply view what it is you are doing until you get the weight transfer confined to the inside of your right foot rather than the outside of it. You should be able to 'see' any flaw and experiment on how to correct it with instand visual results. Or that old drill of taking practice swings where you lift the left leg and bring it over to the right leg on the backswing and then reset the left leg back in its proper place on the ground on the downswing - much like a pitcher's move in throwing a baseball (without raising the left leg knee up high like a pitcher). That helps get the weight transfer to the right side and back to the left side ingrained without a reverse pivot.

My best advice would be for you to go see Suttie as I'm sure he could identify and correct the pivot problem.

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