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Britain views pre-emptive strike on Iran nuclear facilities as illegal

Britain views a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities as illegal under present circumstances and would not allow UK military bases to be used for this purpose, according to reports.

OK, that's pretty clear, there is no evidence Iran is doing anything illegal in its nuclear programme that warrants a strike on its facilities.

Where does that leave sanctions?

If not illegal in law, then morally they are illegal, and unjustified.

Shame on us for implementing these sanctions, why are we doing it?

Israel?? Certainly paranoid, a country with weapons it shouldn't have because of the imbalance they create in the region. A country that has reasons to be paranoid because of the way it stamps its jackboots over its neighbours.

Oil and gas?? Why would we prevent some of the worlds most abundant supplies from reaching market.
One reason could be to maintain a false high price that enables the more difficult reserves to remain viable.
Maybe to appease the oil moguls, high prices - high profits.

The dollar?? Saddam and Gadaffi had the audacity to sell 'their' oil in currencies other than the dollar.

The dollar is doomed, the runes have been rolled. Alas that leaves america in a bit of a pickle!!

The argument over whether or not the BRICS and the rest of the world can drop the U.S. economy and move onward has, ultimately, been rendered obsolete. Many will claim that a decoupling is impossible, but the fact remains that a decoupling is taking place. The consequences of this fiscal divorce remain to be seen, and the mainstream could very easily predict disaster for the BRICS. The real question they should be asking themselves, though, is which countries are better placed to survive such an event? Is the U.S. economy really built to withstand a loss of the dollar as the world reserve currency? Is the U.S. prepared for plummeting foreign investment and a reduction in its already dismal production capacity (production taking place by Americans on American soil, that is)? Is the U.S. really ready for extreme inflation in imported goods (most of the goods we consume)? Who really needs who more? It is time for the pundits and average Americans alike to set aside their commercialized and subsidized fake patriotism and question how strong our economy truly is. To ignore vast weakness today, is to feel vast pain tomorrow….

Why does America have such a large force in Europe:

US army deployments:


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