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BRK screen usually means a stock screen using measures attempting to match the way Buffett evaluates companies. Good luck with that.

Another BRK screen is the list of companies BRK invests in. Now that includes Buffett, Todd and Ted. Certainly more concrete than the usual meaning of screen.

The old follow the leader, nothing new. Maybe. It's most interesting if it is a way to beat BRK. There have been articles suggesting that you can get excellent returns by following their lead. Risk must rise though, right?

You can get burned: USG - a personal third degree burn. We know there are a few duds you might not want to touch now: WPO, BYD. While you can't buy BNSF you can buy CSX. No GEICO but PGR. Too, you might wonder if the size Buffett works in forces a compromise you don't want yourself: IBM? You should screen the BRK screen.

So it doesn't seem that hard to put together a handful that might beat BRK. Todd and Ted's picks look to do that.

Despite USG I am leaning more toward this approach than pure BRK.
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