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Here's what I posted on Facebook yesterday. I'm desperately looking for leads.

My heart is breaking. I need to find a new home for Bocephus. He's a six year old neutered male -- a Siberian Forest Cat. He's got purrsonality plus, and he's a real people person. Unfortunately, he cannot live with another cat -- he nee
ds to be in a one cat household. He's become aggressive toward Sasha, and they must be separated at all times. That means he's often confined, and he's unhappy.
Bo has had some problems thinking outside the box, but his breeder tells me that's related to the stress of living with another cat.
Many people who are allergic to cats can tolerate Siberians, because of something about dander and saliva.
Please let me know if you have any leads.
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I'm sure your FB community will find a wonderful home for Bocephus. You are doing the right thing for him (and Sasha), and the hardest thing for you.

You did your best.
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