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Anyone familiar with these guys. Issued by states, but not tax free. There is an ETF (powershares symbol BAB). SEC 30 Day Yield is 5.62%. Here is more info:

Thoughts anybody?

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Your question prompted me to spend a half hour looking into the fund. But when I realized it would probably take a couple days of work to make an informed recommendation (yea or any), I backed away for it not being my problem.

What I'd suggest is this. You're already inclined to buy the fund, or you wouldn't be asking about it. But do yourself a favor, and do this. Try to argue why you should NOT buy the fund (compared to your other choices), with this thought in mind. No investment is prefect. But if you can't find any seriously wrong, then size a position, and go for it.

But if the downsides clearly outweigh the upsides, then back away and look for something else. And if you can't identify some downsides, so that you can evaluate them, you aren't looking hard enough. Every investment has downsides, and if they can't be identified, they can't be managed.

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Four recommendations already for a very generic reply to Norm’s question? You people are too easy, especially since the good stuff I write often attracts nary a bit of attention or else provokes hostile, pointless attacks. LOL

What I had in the back of mind, in making the comments I did, is a cartoon that I clipped (from Barons or a similar source) and pasted to the inside cover of my first trading journal. The cartoon shows an older couple in the aisle of a grocery store. He is drawn in fishing/hunting clothes (ball cap, plaid jacket), and she is drawn as a frumpy, middle-aged woman would be dressed for church. They’re in the over-the-counter-medicine section of the store, and he is holding a medicine bottle in his hand, looking befuddled, considering his choices. She is standing there, indigent, impatient, her annoyance obvious in her body language, and she says:

Lyoyd, it’s taking you 20 minutes to pick out a cold remedy!!
For cryin’ out loud, make believe it’s an investment decision.

On the inside back cover of that same trading journal, I pasted a different cartoon. This one shows the elevated, multi-lane ramps of a cityscape. The four ramps to the left of the picture are bumper to bumper, the cars and trucks passing underneath signs saying things like EXIT 11, Downtown Right Two Lanes, THRU traffic. To the far right of the picture there is another, heavily clogged ramp, the cars bumper to bumper, passing beneath a sign saying WEST. But between the clogged and jammed lanes to the left and the right, there is one more lane, with a single car, no one in front or behind, passing beneath a sign that says

I Did It My Way.
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