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Vicksburg is closing its Vicksburg ethanol plant due to high corn prices. They will reassess operations in 2013.

The plant is one of only five south of the Ohio River. This is south of the usual corn belt suggesting the plant is dependent on corn shipped south by barge on the Mississippi River. Higher shipping costs caused by low water may also be a factor.
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Hey Paul !

Yeah, I can see that happening. The ethanol plant in nearby Galva, Illinois is "steaming right along". We can see the steam from our home which is about 40 miles cross country as the crow flies. Semi loads of corn go directly from the fields to the Galva plant. Heck, there's a corn field right across the road from the plant. In years past, there have been long lines of semis at the plant. This year, with the lower yields, not so.

I own ADM and part of the lower stock price is because of the higher corn prices - over $7.50/bu at harvest this year. Was up over $8.00/bu

It's the same with alfalfa hay prices this year ... which I raise also. Only half a crop and the "hobby horse" owners are paying dearly for a bale.

Of course we need to remember that these higher prices don't necessarily mean more money for the producer ... half a crop ! RATS !

Rich (haywool)
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