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I too was surprised that BUS would sell at such a price of 6 and 1/2. It certainly has struggled but seemed to be coming back. Shareholders can certainly vote NO to the merger.
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Mmm, I've heard scuttlebutt that such a complaint is in the works from a major stockholder.

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This stock is in my IRA, purchased between 1 3/4 and
2 1/4 per share. Although I make a nice profit on
the deal, I am voting NO. The purchase price is less
than the 12 month high. The company has been turning
in good numbers for more than 12 months, why sell so

Lentzsch and Haugsland got themselves 3 year contracts
with Laidlaw and apparently the shareholders be damned.
One shareholder with 7.6% of the stock has urged a NO
vote. Snyder Capital which owns 20% of the stock was
quoted in the WSJ as being unhappy with the price but
hasn't gone public with their intentions. Greyhound
should be fetching at least $8.50, had the board held
on a little longer $12 would not be out of the question. The CEO won't say if he has the votes, so he
probably doesn't. Vote no if you want a better price.
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