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...against civil liberties.
...against free-enterprise.
...against an ill person's quality of life.
...against American justice.
...against "the children."
...against our freedom of speech and right to peaceful assembly.

You forgot "...against pothead losers", though I'm sure there's a link for that somewhere.

If this is what America has become, you can keep it. sig heil!

I was accused of being a Nazi once, my response was, "Ich bin keine Nazi!" The look of horror on the woman's face was pretty funny, considering she had no idea what I was saying.

Anyhow, back to the point at hand. America is becoming a place where liberals have to defend their anti-Americanism instead of having it be the status quo (as it is in the media and on college campuses). Somehow this doesn't give me cause for concern. As for Bush being a Nazi, given that the Nazis were Socialists I'd discount that theory. Then again, the way Bush is spending money on Medicare (which nobody wanted) and the NEA (which nobody needs) maybe this whole "Bush is a Socialist" thing isn't so crazy after all...

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Nazis get offended when Bush is called a Nazi ;)

Bush is no national socialist. If he were, he would actually defend our country's borders & work to protect our country's interest as a nationalist.

There are many types of socialists... The UK is a socialist nation.
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The UK is a socialist nation

.....and yet the rest of Europe sees our economic problems as a result of laissez-faire economics, US style

We are also seen as the USA's poodle, and like a dog we sit at the feet of the USA's President - It's sometimes called The Special Relationship

We in the UK do have one thing in common with the USA - we are both going down the economic crapper together

Have fun, the sun is shining, make the most of it
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