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People seemed stunned and confused by the "this week in pictures" thread and seem unable to decipher truth from reality for some reason. I look at Yahoo! News photos every single day, which is why I recognize all of these pictures and why I refuted them. In fact, I said this: WOW. That's pretty awesome that that many lies could fit in such a small web page.

Mr. Cheery-o responded with this:

WOW. And you don't point out ONE lie. Oh well. :) Just forgot.

How much has Berkshire Hathaway done? Oh yeah, zippo last time I checked.

Good news--Larry is out of his unmarked brown paper wrapping and safely in the People's Republic. More to his liking.

Today, Larry's message is to continue the Freeloading and ther Looting.

Huzzah! Freeloaders. Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah!

So, here is my response in a thread for the whole board to see. Truth be told it was much more work than it was worth to have to point all of this out.

Mr. Cheeryo,

First, you should change your name, as you are anything but.

Second, thank you for the attack referencing Berkshire Hathaway. I'm not sure what it has to do with this arguement, or with me, but ok. I don't expect you to understand that BRK is a public company, and it's assetts are owned collectively by the shareholders. I don't expect you to understand that statistically over 90% of BRK shareholders are millionaires and have undoubtedly donated millions of dollars without needing there names in the spotlight. I could argue this late into the night and it just won't matter to you. You think a company should try to abuse the situation for free advertising rather than to donate quietly to prove that they have donated.

I didn't mention a single lie because I thought most people were grown up enough to spot the obvious ones for themselves. I guess not, so here goes. Oh, one other thing. Before we get started I should mention that I am no fan of President Bush. I am not posting this to try and defend him, I am posting this because I am rational and look at both sides objectively, and in this instance your side is just an all out lie. We have already had this discussion (about my political leanings) on the BRK boards, as I'm sure you are aware.

The first picture:
Most people will recognize this as biased propaganda. The president's prescription drug proposal was scheduled before the hurricane, and most people will agree that the business of running the country should go on. What do the children on roofs have to do with this? The president is the leader of the executive branch. His job is to ask for and secure relief funding from the legislative, and that is what he has done. I guess you think the president should stop running the country to personally pick these kids up? Well that would be impossible since these two events were on completely different days. Bush's medicare proposal was on August 29, just as the hurricane was dwindling out.

I'm not sure what is being insinuated here. The pejorative "corporate welfare program" phrase lets the reader know how objective the author is.

The second picture:
"Bush enjoys a light hearted moment with supporters at a concert"

Whoops, Bush wasn't at a concert, he was giving a speech and a Naval Base to commemorate V-J day. He's holding the guitar only because Mark Willis had just given it to him as thanks for supporting V-J day. This did not happen as a body floated in the river. This happened on August 30th just as the levees broke. The picture with the body is from days after the levee broke. Nice try, though.

The third picture:
"Bush returns to his Crawford, TX vacation headquarters on Wednesday, but he quickly packs for Washington as furor over his embarrassing lack of leadership grows."

Unbelievable. The author calls his ranch his "vacation headquarters" to make it sound like Bush is heading there to go on vacation. Nice try again, he wasn't going to take a vacation, and that picture of him smiling in a cowboy hat isn't from anywhere near when the hurricane hit. It is a stock photo taken months ago.

He didn't pack quickly because furor was growing over his embarrassing lack of leadership. He was packing quickly to tour the devastation. This was before any "furor" was growing, not in response to it.

The fourth picture

"Wednesday afternoon." Uh-oh, I thought Bush was just returning to his ranch on Wednesday to go on "vacation." Hmmm. "Bush surveys the death and devastation in New Orleans from the air-conditioned comfort of a well-upholstered couch on Air Force One."

What? I guess you think the plane should be poorly upholstered and not air conditioned? I'm not sure what the point of the description of the president's plane is (the same plane used by many other presidents).

"Flood survivors wave to the President's plane in desperation as he turns and flys off."

Do you really need me to explain this crap to you, Cheery? They weren't waving to the president's plane (which was flying higher and at hundreds of milers per hour), they were waving in desperation to a press helicopter at another time and place.

"He turns and flys off." Even if any of this were true, and even if "flys" was a real word, what the hell was he supposed to do? Land a 747 on the roof? Are you serious? And in the middle of rampant gunfire which includes snipers firing on hospital evacuees?

I have put way to much effort into this, and I don't feel like finishing. I think you get the point. Michael Moore would be proud. Deep down in the back of your mind you know these things are false, and you know you are looking at them with prejudice to support your already formed political opinion. You don't have to admit it to me, but c'mon man.

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