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Last night was an introduction to Business given by Romney to Obama, and Obama had nobody to carry him through the class.

Sure, Romney won on style; so what. A change in style cannot erase the facts of the past 4 years for Obama. It's hard to play a losing hand. However, Mitt also on on substance.

All Obama could do is repeat the $5M phrase and harp on not getting enough specifics from Romney. So Romney tried to educate Obama on how the real world works. As a leader, you come up with concepts, directions, goals, and then work out the details. Along the way, you win some and you lose some but overall you keep the focus on the business at hand - improving and not losing money. Obama did some of the former but has no idea on how to do the latter. He bought his way through the first 4 years.

Romney's performance was not just debate prep as the Left would have you believe. You can't get through a Governorship, run a major corporation, and turn around the olympics by having people tell you how great you are and carrying the ball for you. You continue to learn how to both manage and work with people, how to get to an end game without destroying everyting on the way, and yes how to be a public speaker.

The sad part is that the Left is already working on how to come up with a new character destruction plan on Romney and I'm sure the media will gie them plenty of air time.
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