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But that doesn't explain breaking things that formerly worked.

I'm using Quicken 2008 Deluxe, and one of the most annoying things in it is the change in the calculator function. In all previous versions, when entering a dollar amount you could type a calculation and hit either Tab (to go on to the next field in the entry) or Enter (to complete the entry, this is assuming one has "Use enter key to move between fields" turned off).

For example, in a register entry you could hit tab to move to Payee and type in the payee, then hit tab to move to Charge and type 100+3 to calculate the sum of 100 dollars and 3 dollars. Now you could hit Tab to move on to Memo, or hit Enter to complete the entry. Either way the Charge would be $103.

In Quicken 2008, if you hit Tab to move on to Memo, the Charge is $3, not $103. And if you hit Enter, the Charge becomes $103, but it doesn't complete the entry. Note that if you just type in 103 and hit Enter, that does complete the entry.

Since upgrading to 2008, countless times I've made incorrect entries because of hitting Tab after a calculation, something that always worked before. This especially happens a lot when I'm doing a purchase as a split transaction into multiple categories and I want to include sales tax in each category. If the sales tax is, for example, 7% and the item costs $5.43, for the charge I'd type in 5.43*1.07 and hit tab to move on to the next split entry. Starting with Quicken 2008, when I do that I get $1.07 instead of the cost of the item including tax. Sooooo annoying.

xSixSigmaMBB seems to be claiming that Quicken implements user suggestions for improvements. I've asked for a simple improvement many, many times over many years and never gotten so much as a response. I use "wallet checks", which have three checks on a page. Whenever you print a check, Quicken shows the next check number automatically. From the check number, it could easily figure out whether the page you're about to print has three, two, or one check remaining. But it doesn't. You have to tell it every time if it's not the default selection of three. This is not rocket science. You just divide the check number by three and look at the remainder. The remainder tells you how many checks are left on the page, assuming the user has ever printed a check before and indicated how many checks were left. It would work until you order a new batch of checks, then you might have to override the setting on the first new check you print. Then you'd be all set for the entire batch. As I said, I've asked for this over and over, many different ways, and never gotten any response from Intuit. On the other hand, I hardly ever print checks anymore. So it's not as annoying as it used to be.

Meanwhile, the last time Intuit sent me a letter urging me to upgrade to a new version of Quicken, I read through the entire letter and noticed that there were no new features of any sort, as far as I could tell. The website says "Improved! See what bills have already been paid, what's coming up and if you have enough left in your accounts to cover them". Already got that. "New! Save money and shop smart... Quicken Picks seeks out the best online coupons". Yawn. Like I want my accounting program to spam me with coupons. "Improved! Optimize your complete investment portfolio online". Pretty sure 2008 already has that, not that'd I'd ever use it. "New! Enjoy guidance and helpful tips on every page". Yawn. I can already use Help from every page. "Improved! Connect to more financial institutions". Huh? Isn't Quicken 2008 already constantly wasting my time downloading new institution lists? "What's more, we make it easy to upgrade to 2009... reads and imports your existing Quicken data". Wow, just like every Quicken upgrade I've ever done. But wait, there's more! Oops, no, there isn't! That's all the amazing new features, according to the website. Gee, I wonder why I didn't jump on that upgrade?

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