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I was studying few stocks recently made new highs or big move with strong volume. I did not buy any of these stocks. I just want to confirm the buy points for these stocks
JNIC - 81 september 26
CMNT - 24 Oct 13
PLMD - 55 around Oct 24

The buy points are correct?

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It's tough to answer your question b/c it would depend on your premise for buying the stock. If you are only looking for stocks that close up on greater volume, then sure, the days you mentioned fit the bill. However, if you are wanting to evaluate stocks that break through some resistance level or bounce off a support level on greater volume, then perhaps it would be better to be a little more in depth in your question/analysis. What are the reistance/support levels involved? Pivot point? Time frame? Risk/reward? Fundamental questions? Market climate?

If you provide more of this type of info, you might get more help with your questions. Good luck!

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