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Is anybody out there?
I'm new to this board and I see that the last post was in summer of 2011!
I own shares of Siemens because I believed this "solid" company would go far with energy solutions for Europe (especially after Germany closed down nuclear plants.)
Now they're in trouble over wind power. But is that the whole Siemens story? Are they a lost cause? Or a buying opportunity?
Help! Someone who knows this stuff!
Hope someone's out there.
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I haven't done much analysis on Siemens, but I have been looking at Siemens to buy, thinking that, as you say, this is a "solid" company. I'm assuming that, though there has probably been some impact from the wind business, the slide in stock price is just related to macro-economic conditions in Europe. I think this company should do fine long term, and I'm just looking for a good entry point. The 3+% dividend is nice too.
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go to Value Hounds board. Lekitkat, Feste winner, is looking @ Siemens.

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