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Well - I did it. Last month I left my company. Today I called my 401K administrator and told them to Show Me the Money, I'm gonna raise this baby myself from now on (self-directed IRA). I don't have any technical questions for you folks at this point - I think I have my initial prep work under control - but am really here just to solicit some calming words! This is by far the most money I've ever had to manage and I'm feeling a tad fearful that I'm going to screw this up! Heck - I may never work up the courage to move the money out of the money market where it will find its humble beginnings.

Any and all fortifying sentiments welcome.

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How about "Familiarity breeds contempt"?

Now let me explain. When I first started this Foolishness, I thought I was living on the edge placing orders for 4-5k, a year or so later 10k. Now, it's normally 25-30k. I look back and chuckle at my nervousness of trading 5k. If you've really done your research/studying, have no fear. Carry on with conviction. Soon you'll wonder what the big deal was all about.

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The world is now your oyster. I'm sure many of us envy your position. You've taken the big first step. They'll get easier as you go. And don't forget, we're here to lean on. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
-Chester :)
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Layout a plan now.
Make the plan independ of the amount of money.
40% in S&P INdex
30% in Tech fund
20% in Stocks. Select from. JDSU, NTAP, Cisco, Intel, Oracle.
10% in Bonds or money market.

75% in S&P Index
25% in tech mutual fund

My advise be conservative.
Never purchase more than 2 stocks and understand them very well.
S&P 500 Index is conservative.
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