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Noticed this in this afternoon's Dow Jones Tomorrow's News Today that I get through Scottrade. Calypso isn't specifically mentioned, but they are at least one of the companies behind the cellular/Wi-Fi phone techonolgy:

Developing The Phone To End All Phones

Move over cellphone, Internet phone and desk phone — there's a new phone coming to town.

This new device, which is mostly still in the testing stages, can switch seamlessly between cellular and Wi-Fi, allowing users to place calls over either network. Because Internet calls are generally cheaper, such a device can help lower phone bills, especially on international calls. This new converged phone could also help users, especially frequent business travelers, cut down on the number of devices they carry around because it can operate as a home or office phone as well as a cell phone.

Avaya Inc. (AV), Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO), Nokia Corp. (NOK) and Motorola Inc. (MOT) are among those developing the devices. “All of the usual suspects are here,” said John Jackson, an analyst at Yankee Group. “It's a prudent hedge in the near term to have these devices ready to go.”
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Excellent...thanks for the note. It would be great to confirm that CLYW's patent is being used for some of those. I will have to go searching.

Buffy (who doesn't even own a camera on his phone...)
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