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after very hectic 3 years of a work injury and treatment , i ended up with
my right hand with restriction to carry over 8 LB or do repetitive motion.

i have almost 32 k of credit cards debits, nothing else, no car payment , no
mortgage, I am amrried, but we have only oen joint account with houshold
bank which they financed our furniture, we share also 2checking and a saving

I am filing individual as my wife will cover us in case of applying for am
aprtment, house.....etc

i called an 2 attorneys over here in tampa, Fl they want almsot 700 -1000 ,
which i am really short and need every penny, do u think i can file by
myself?i previously filed for divorce by myself.

i went back to school to increase my credentials

i bought this book, but would be enough?

thnx for help

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No law says you have to retain a lawyer to file bk. My personal opion is, this is something that you do only once {hopefully} in a lifetime and you need to be certain it is done correctly.
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