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Sorry - Merck, PFE, Bristol meyers ALL NEED Canada. It is their third largest market and it is a democracy with a stable government and stable market. This reimportantion thing will soon be over one way or the other. Trust me.
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Sorry - Merck, PFE, Bristol meyers ALL NEED Canada.
I think the author of the article was stating by the numbers that these drug companies don't need to sell to Canada if they are not making any money and they can potentially lose more money by losing some US sales because these drugs are crossing the border from Canada into the US.

I do believe something must happen to control prescription costs in the US, but the Canda import idea won't work whether it be from lack of regulation or saftey issues etc. You also need to look at the big picture because prescription drug cost are just a small fraction of sky rocketing health care costs. Using prescription drugs is much cheaper than having surgery and/or hospital trips.
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