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Let's say I have an IRA account and a taxable account. Let's say I'm holding stock in ABC, DEF, and XYZ in the taxable account and I'm holding ABC, GHI, and XYZ in the IRA account. Now, what if I sold part of the XYZ holdings in the taxable account and bought GHI while at roughly the same time selling GHI and buying XYZ in my IRA account? Would this be covered by the wash rule or can I claim capital gains/losses without waiting 30 days?

I realize that no one here can take responsibility for whatever actions I take. Mainly I'm asking to see if I should pursue this further with an accountant or if it's blatantly not allowed.

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If there are an adequate number of responses to this thread, it should be a good discussion of this issue.

Otherwise, a search for "wash sale IRA" should find several relevant posts.

--Peter <--who is still working on the research assignment from that post.
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