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I was unaware that SS was like that and I know my mom wasn't aware of it either. Thank you for bringing up that point! And yes, my mom will still receive some of my dad's pension regardless of what happens.

You are exactly right about the people wanting to "help" my mom that made sure they got helped first. It's a darn shame that stuff like that happens, and it REALLY burns me up. I wish I was more knowledgable when she needed help with this, but I just only recently started to get Foolish myself. My mom has generously opened up her finances to me to let me help her and I hope I can do her some good, even at this late stage.

Yes, LAFFX is NOT a good fund pick and I really want her to roll it over to a Vanguard IRA. She can do that even though she's already taking minimum distributions, right?

I am also extremely upset that they sold her that American Express bond fund and I AM surprised she doesn't have an annuity too! Thank God for small favors, eh? It's a horrible horrible fund for her to be in & that's the first thing that's getting the axe.

I have discussed with her the selling of some of her stocks and the reasons why, and I have shared your responses with her thus far, and she is really liking all of this. In fact, she is kind of tickled with whole Motley Fool message boards, as am I! She has had no one to help her with her investments until now (and neither did I). This whole web site just rocks! Anyway, I would really like her to sell the stocks gradually to minimize the tax/LTCG issues (BTW she pays no income tax, she is just under the maximum you can make w/o paying) and to dollar-cost-average as much as possible. I will definitely have to visit the tax strategies board for this as I am not well-versed in individual stocks' tax consequences.

I will also have to investigate the REITs you are talking about since you both put that in your response. I am not too familiar with them either, but I am a quick study...just point me in the right direction!
=) Also, what % of REITs should be in a portfolio? I have seen it relatively low (15% or so) in the many posts I have come across. Is this common to have so low or is that about right?

So I am thinking the final assest allocation should be close to 60% bond (index) fund, 25% stock (index) fund and 15% REIT fund.

Thank you so much for your well thought out responses so far. They are MUCH appreciated. Any comments, suggestions and/or questions are most welcome. Thank you again!

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