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A court ruling could ban millions of diesel cars from German city centers, rendering the vehicles worthless. The federal government has considered responding with free public transportation and by forcing car manufacturers to submit to new requirements

The landmark decision could very well send out shock waves affecting more than 60 municipalities in which, like Hamburg, limits on poisonous nitrogen oxide emissions are consistently exceeded.

For two years, representatives from German municipalities have been demanding the introduction of a blue environmental sticker that would denote vehicles with clean diesel engines -- cars that would then be exempted from driving bans

The vast majority of diesel cars in Germany, like the USA, had 'cheater' software that turned emission controls off during normal driving - and the cars emitted 20-40x allowed oxide levels. Those cars would be near zero value if this done.

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With the exception of deliveries, fire engines, ambulances, police, repair services
and city government.
Only regular folks shall be harnessed.

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