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Hey everyone,

Does anyone here cash the checks that the credit card companies send you. For example. Here is a $15 check that if you cash, you are automatically enrolled in our credit protection service.

For those of you that do cash them. Is it a hassle to cancel? Or is it fairly easy?


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I never, ever cash those checks. Sometimes, they can be a royal pain in the butt to cancel.

I cashed one once...and was automatically enrolled in something. I don't even remember what now. I actually remembered to cancel it within the 30 days...or so I thought. See, the annual membership (i think it was for something like $179) still *magically* appeared on my next credit card statement. I went through so much trying to get it off.

I had actually written down the person's name I spoke to when I called to cancel. When I called about the charge, I was told that someone by that name doesn't work took about 2 months worth of weekly phone calls to get it off.
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I was able to cancel it pretty easily.

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