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Sorry I hit the submit button too soon.

I have be think what are the different perks you could get
by using a credit card, here are a few on top of my head.

Airline Milage - American Airline or Yahoo Card
- annual fee from $25 -$50
- 1 mile per $1 charged
Gas Card - Chase Shell card
- 3% back when you buy gas
- 1% on other charges
- can only be used toward more shell gas
GM - FORD card
- 5% back on all charges
- max $500 per year for 7 years
- used toward GM or FORD cars on top of all other discounts
Apperal Shops - Ann Taylor Card
- 1% back on all charges
- can only be used toward more purchase
Money Back Cards - Discover
- 1% cash back at end of year on all charges

Anything else people know about?
I am looking for a good Airline Mileage card.
So let me know what you are using.

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Check out the Hilton Optima Card. First, you have to join the Hilton HHonors Club THEN apply for The Hilton Optima Card (AMEX). There is no annual fee for this card.

I know you want airline miles. Guess what; you can get them through the HHonors program. Here's the deal.

You earn points by staying at Hilton, 10 pts for every dollar charged to your room or 500 pts per stay depending on your rate and location.

You earn points by using your Hilton Optima Card.
2 pts for every dollar charged for your everyday purchases or 3 pts for every dollar charged at a Hilton.

You can purchase up to 20% of the pts you need for a reward ($10 per 1000 pts).

If you fly and stay at a Hilton, you can "double dip." This allows you to earn both HHonors pts AND frequent flier pts.

Fast forward to having a lot of pts... waht can you get? Free Hotel Stays at Hilton
Airline tickets on Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, America West, British Airways, Continental, Delta, Hawaiian, Mexicana, Midwest Express, Northwest, South African Airlines, TWA, United or US Airways!!!

HHonors and some of the above airlines allow you to exchange your HHonors pts for frequent flier pts or visa-versa.

That's not all! How about rental cars, Cannondale Mountain bikes or a cruise on Princess Cruiselines.

You can also get certificates for casino chips redeemable at Hilton casino locations.

There is plenty more but I'm tired of typing!
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