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Look out for news from Sin City as CES kicks off this week. Expect news from vendors you have never heard off releasing phones, tablets and other sundry gadgets. Wireless is big and expect a bunch to be Q powered.

What's shown this week starts to sell later in the year.

Be interesting to see if Qualcomm are exhibiting.

Tango, who used to attend CES.
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Per USA Today, yesterday, the CEO of Qualcomm will be the "keynote" speaker, and Qualcomm will be introducing some new items.

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Good find. Did not know that Microsoft had pulled out. I would have guessed they would want to show of the surface and win 8. But I guess not.

And from the BBC website.

"Some questioned whether CES's days were numbered after Microsoft announced it was pulling its annual mega-budget presentation and booth last year. It was seen as part of the trend of firms hosting one-off events to suit their own timetables rather than rushing to meet a January deadline.

In addition, sales of many devices - such as digital cameras, camcorders and MP3 players - are tumbling. Smartphones and tablets are cannibalising the market, and firms have typically held back New Year launches of these products until February's Mobile World.

But for now CES seems to be in rude health - 2013's event is bigger than ever. Microsoft's floor space was snapped up within minutes - much of it, tellingly, by a Chinese company: HiSense.

And CES has embraced mobile, boasting that this year's event will be the biggest app showcase the world has ever seen. Furthermore Sony, LG, Huawei, and ZTE will be among those unveiling new flagship smartphones at the event."
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Perhaps what is being seen is not the demise of CES. Perhaps it is the dethroning of APPL and of MS. Perhaps it is the crowning of QCOM.

Just saying, you know, the world evolves,

Once upon a time all electronic devices contained MS. Once upon a time all believed that APPL would design the electronic world.

If we looked inside the greatest majority of new electroni devices whose technology, whose ICs, whose patents would be present? Who does the electronic world require to exist in its current form?

Perhaps the new king speaks.

Just saying,
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Post on Seeking Alpha - Jacobs speaks tonight.

With the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, CES, scheduled for January 8-11 in Las Vegas, Qualcomm will take an elevated role at the show. Qualcomm's CEO, Paul Jacobs, will deliver the opening keynote address on Monday night, taking the presentation traditionally held by Microsoft's (MSFT) CEO, Steve Ballmer. Dr. Jacobs's keynote will highlight Qualcomm's "Born Mobile" theme that addresses mobile technology's role in the world. It is finally the moment for Qualcomm to come forward and become a popular, well-known household name.
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