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My managed mutual fund is performing badly this year. Starting next year I'm taking equal payment option. I'm 51 - should I change to an index fund? I'm in basic fund 50%, select 25% small cap 25% Was thinking of 500 Index, Growth Index and Total Stock Market Index.
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Note: I'm just learning about this subject!
However, I may have some helpful information.
Last year we set up a mutual fund with approximately the same ratios that you have (our 50% was aggressive because I am 32). Recently I became interested in the Vanguard 500 Index fund. The Motley Fool Investment Guide book was the publication that sparked my interest. With advice from other Fools I requested a prospectus from Vanguard. Then I checked out which has a really wonderful section that allows you to compare different funds. It compares them on about 9 different subjects. I learned that of the 5 funds I was invested in only 2 were performing above 20% and the other 3 were under 12%. Very enlightening.
I know that this doesn't answer your question directly but hopefully I have given you some information to work with as was done for me months ago.
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