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charlie:" I do know, there is a finite supply of fossil fuels, there has always been a finite supply, so we better come up with alternatives."

Same broken record over and over and over again.

The Club of Rome predicted that the world would crater with over 3 billion people...starve to death..not enough land to grow the crops. Duh! We bio engineered food and now produce enough for 7 billion people. Duh!

But in the last 100 years,no one has successfully made 'bio fuels' using zero fossil fuels in the process. Brazil has come the closest with their sugar cane ethanol...but Brazil now uses more fossil fuels since it has zero cars that can run on 100% ethanol (possible, but remember, ethanol is 'likker'.....200% proof liquor....) and no one anywhere is going to sell booze at 3 or 4 bucks a gallon, right? But even then, Brazil now uses (and gets from its wells) 3 to 4 times as much fossil fuel as it used 25 years ago. really doesn't count....they haven't stopped using or even slowed down using fossil fuels.

So all you keep coming up with 'we're running out of fossil fuels , we gotta do 'something' about it.

We're still driving the same car from 110 years ago. Combustion engine car,not getting more mileage per gallon than a Model T Ford did in 1918. 4 wheels. Steering wheel. Brakes on each wheel. Rubber tires. Two wheel drive....4 cylinder engines.....pistons....and 98% of us drive the same type of machine. Safer, of course, More 'advanced' of course, but the same thing.

we're still using the same fuel...gasoline the Model T.

When 'oil' starts to peak out, we'll go to maybe things like methane hydrates. Japan is already doing pilot projects. There may be 100 or 200 years or 500 years supply of methane hydrates. We can use them to synthesize liquid fuels. Or make methanol (wood alcohol).... which would be a useful liquid fuel.

As to turning sawdust and sawgrass into bio fuels....good luck. Folks have been trying for a century. Same for turkey guts (guffaw)....massive fail but it took 300 million of tax payer money down the drain....

Sorry, wishing for something doesn't make it happen. Geez, I wish I was 21, had all my money and knowledge, was in perfect physical shape able to run marathons....I wish I wish....someone make a machine to make it happen!....I wish......

That's what all your messages turn out to be..... it's 'we gotta do something'.....

Throwing trillions at greenie rat holes is not doing 'something'.

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